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feature length films.


General Production

It is our joy to provide you with all crew positions from Producers, Directors, Camera Department, Editors, Production Assistants and other skillful crew of to start and finish your project. We also have very talented people who can design and build the sets for you along with special effects.

We shoot movies, short projects, commercials, corporate videos, training videos, documentaries, music videos, experimental videos and other special projects.

We can also provide you with original scores of your choice that are just right for whatever you want to accomplish regardless of whether it is a small or large project. Leilani Amour can guide you through your project from development to finish. She is knowledgeable, skillful and has worked for both major and independent films since the mid 90's.

Film Production

We have group of filmmakers who love to shoot various projects using film (16mm or 35 mm). We would like to set up an appointment with you and talk about your specific project and will put together an affordable budget for you. You give us the information and will do the breakdown for you.

Digital Video

Digital video making is very popular nowadays. We love films and we also love to shoot using digital equipment. Depending of what your project maybe, shooting digital normally cost less expensive than using film. It's your project, it's your choice.

Heavenly Eyes Events

We also shoot concerts, trade shows, parties, festivals, anniversaries, auctions, fund raising events and many more ...

Check out our Events Page.

Bay Area / San Francisco Wedding Videography

Our wedding department is very specialized where we videotape and edit the wedding video like one of your favorite romantic movies, the only difference is that you are actually watching your own wedding story.

Please check our website: www.heavenlyeyes-weddings.com

Production Crewing

Let's us provide you with the best and affordable crew in town. We have our professional crew with extensive background from working with major films to independent filmmaking.

Comprehensive Casting Services

We have a good data base of talented actors and actresses, different ages from toddlers to seniors. We also have different ethnic groups, various sizes, from dancers to performers of many talents.


This is a very important stage of movie making where we have to be sure everything goes right with all the people who will be involved in the entire process, whether you will be the person behind the camera or in-front of the camera. This is also where you will have to pay close attention to how much money you will have to budget to complete your own project. Let our production company assist you.

Pre-production is where we choose the right actors for specific roles. Casting is a crucial part of this process. In addition, we need to secure all the permits, insurance coverage and location scouting. Let us do the casting and location scouting for you that will bring the characters and location settings to life exactly the way you envisioned them scene-by-scene in your story.


How about an affordable format for your project? It's always nice to have huge funding where we can all film using a few of those 35mm format Panasonic Cameras on the set. We can always use 16mm if that's still affordable in your budget. How about using digital format? Sure, we can provide that for you. Whatever you can afford and feel comfortable with--we will be there for you. We have affordable digital cameras, lighting and audio packages and our crew to make it happen for you. Our crews are devoted, skillful, fun and know exactly what they're doing. Several of us hold Film Degrees from prestigious Universities and all of us have many years of extensive hands-on-experience along with a creative passion for arts.


We use Final Cut Pro and we also have the Avid System. If you know how to edit we can rent the editing system to you or we can provide our editing services if you prefer. We have an awesome group of editors who will do a great job according to what your project needs. Either way we will get your project done!

Special Effects

We are big on practical special effects where we make our own prosthetic make-up, including monsters and other off the wall characters.