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Shot, produced, directed,
and edited by Heavenly Eyes students
enrolled in our training program.


Heavenly Eyes Training / Mentorship / Production Education Program

Learn the art of filmmaking! We have filmmaking-training programs that include a 2-day workshop and a more extensive 16-week hands-on training program.

During the 16-Week Program, student filmmakers have the opportunity to work along side other student filmmakers and act as camera operators, crew, and talent. As a student filmmaker, you will be able to join our production on various shoots, receiving hands-on experience on locations. The 16-Week Filmmaking Program presents invaluable benefits and opportunities to each student filmmaker who is serious about breaking into the movie industry. Student filmmakers will immediately begin building a comprehensive resume of projects and skill sets. We also work with each student filmmaker to create a demo reel to submit to the many organizations in the movie industry. In addition, students will learn how to submit projects to film festivals circuit to maximize their exposure.

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Production Education Program Overview

  • 16-Week Hands-On Training

    • Develope Create Your Own Movie
    • Write Your Own Script
    • Funding
    • Budgeting
    • Scheduling
    • Location
    • Casting/Casting Agencies
    • Guilds and Unions
    • Contracts
    • Permits
    • Insurance
    • 35MM / 16MM / Digital Formats
    • Indie Film / Large Studio Productions
    • Pre-Shoot Rehearsals
    • Renting Equip vs. Ownership
    • Music / Scoring
    • Professional Sound Production
    • Shoot Your Own Movie
    • Production Crew
  • continued ...

    • Executive Producers
    • Producers
    • Directors
    • Production Manager
    • Set Design
    • Props
    • Make-Up
    • Special Effects
    • Wardrobe
    • Directing Your Actors
    • Directing the Camera
    • Managing Crew
    • Post-Production
    • Networking
    • Creating Buzz
    • Exposure/Marketing
    • The Festival Circuit
    • ... and much more!
  • Learn the Art of Acting

    • Getting Started
    • Nailing Your Part
    • SAG (Screen Actors Guild)
    • Non-Union
    • Casting Directors
    • Choosing An Agent
    • Headshots
    • Resume
    • Monologues
    • Independent Films
    • ... and much more!